Introduction: About the new Paper Aquarium website.

Paper Aquarium Magazine was officially launched in 2010. Since then, we have been constantly updating, changing, and in our minds, improving, the website. These changes have lead us here, to the brand new website launch. It's all new because of the many different features we now provide. As always and keeping with the Paper Aquarium Magazine tradition, we of course have user-submitted artwork, especially photography.

Our first new feature is the installment of articles. These articles are completely different than the user-submitted artist pages. Articles are for more in-depth learning, interviews, tutorials, news, etc. Where the artist pages emphasize on the art and visual aspects, the articles will emphasize more on information and learning.

The next new feature is that we've introduced video into our site. We now have our own YouTube channel which will soon be filled with skits, TV shows, news, tutorials, and so much more.

The next new feature, which is still in development, is the art shop. Art in this shop will be from our team as well as people we know personally who may be interested in putting their art, design, or crafts in our shop.

We want Paper Aquarium to be a place for artists, whether their looking for tutorials, inspiration, or entertainment.

We want to know what you all think! Send us your feedback.