Renee Nolan

A young self educated photographer, Renee has a love of creative concepts and capturing images that define life. After spending three years with a camera in her hand capturing her own life, she is now offering to create memories for other people, with her love for photography and her eye for drama,passion, and detail... Read More


Sabracane is a Paris-based photographer. Born and raised in a family which most of the members were women, she acquired a fascination of virility and femininity strength. She has a background in sociology and ethnology and began to work with photography to illustrate what words cannot do for her studies. She now works only as a photographer... Read More

Noemi Mangiatordi

Noemi is a photographer from Bologna, Italy and she has been producing images for the last 4 years. "I have just finished my studies in high school graduating scientific and linguistic and I'm trying to create my own personal activity as Noemi Mangiatordi Photography... Read More

Stephanie Thy

Stephanie Thy is a 20 year old self taught fashion photographer from Melbourne, Australia. She is inspired by the life and love that surrounds her and hope to capture it through her photos... Read More

Michael Kaniecki

Michael Kaniecki is a photographer located in Kiel, Northern Germany... Read More

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Irish Musician Yelpy

We are proud to announce the first ever musician submission on Paper Aquarium Magazine, Yelpy an Irish artist... Read More

New Website Introduction

Paper Aquarium Magazine was officially launched in 2010. Since then, we have been constantly updating, changing, and... Read More

Photographer Interview

Kitty Gallannaugh, a photographer from London, gave us the honor of letting us interview her. Her bright and... Read More